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Battleship: The Movie Early Screening

Battleship: The Movie Early Screening

Thanks to q100 we got free tickets to see Battleship 4 days before it premiered! The movie was much better than we had expected. It seems like when it came to the military aspect of the movie they did a bit of research and didn’t have the Navy using nothing but battleships and it seems they used real veterans in the movie as well. Overall it’s still a movie based on a board game so don’t go in with super high expectations that it will bring you to enlightenment or anything like that but it’s a fun movie to just sit back and enjoy. I can see us getting this on BluRay. 

Since the screening was in Atlantic station we walked around and got some ice cream at Kilwins. I absolutely loved this store, it is just a fun candy store that smells so good and the ice cream is really tasty. Plus the service is great, I think Adam and I combined tried 8 different flavors before settling on our flavors. 

We also ended up spending the night chatting with 2 people we met in line and saw again in Kilwins. It was a great evening, Thank q100 for the tickets!

tumblr m48ix2XE4f1qaz71e Battleship: The Movie Early Screening

Some of the yummy chocolate

tumblr m48ix8BxY41qaz71e Battleship: The Movie Early Screening

Amazing looking candy apples

tumblr m48ixgxdJD1qaz71e Battleship: The Movie Early Screening

Cute store decor

tumblr m48ixlCmNR1qaz71e Battleship: The Movie Early Screening

Candy Maker!

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