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Garden Lights

Garden Lights

This was my first time trying to take photos of lights at night. I dragged my tripod around the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Garden Lights event that we went to with my parents over the Thanksgiving weekend.

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Snowpocalypse 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014

Today Atlanta is covered in snow and we went out and enjoyed it! We took a long walk around the neighborhood and then to the nature trail. We made snow angels and tried to build a snowman.

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Living in Atlanta it is so much easier to see groups live in concert. When we found out about LMFAO coming to Atlanta a few friends and I got together to buy tickets. Unfortunately Mike and Erica ended up sitting at the wrong spot when we took photos but we found them later. My favorite part had to be the show closer and SkyBlu came out with an Elephant speedo. It was so much fun!

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Battleship: The Movie Early Screening

Battleship: The Movie Early Screening

Thanks to q100 we got free tickets to see Battleship 4 days before it premiered! The movie was much better than we had expected. It seems like when it came to the military aspect of the movie they did a bit of research and didn’t have the Navy using nothing but battleships and it seems they used real veterans in the movie as well. Overall it’s still a movie based on a board game so don’t go in with super high expectations that it will bring you to enlightenment or anything like that but it’s a fun movie to just sit back and enjoy. I can see us getting this on BluRay. 

Since the screening was in Atlantic station we walked around and got some ice cream at Kilwins. I absolutely loved this store, it is just a fun candy store that smells so good and the ice cream is really tasty. Plus the service is great, I think Adam and I combined tried 8 different flavors before settling on our flavors. 

We also ended up spending the night chatting with 2 people we met in line and saw again in Kilwins. It was a great evening, Thank q100 for the tickets!

tumblr m48ix2XE4f1qaz71e Battleship: The Movie Early Screening

Some of the yummy chocolate

tumblr m48ix8BxY41qaz71e Battleship: The Movie Early Screening

Amazing looking candy apples

tumblr m48ixgxdJD1qaz71e Battleship: The Movie Early Screening

Cute store decor

tumblr m48ixlCmNR1qaz71e Battleship: The Movie Early Screening

Candy Maker!

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25 Anniversary Zelda Symphony Concert

25 Anniversary Zelda Symphony Concert

When I first heard about this I knew we had to go. Adam is a huge Zelda fan and we had already gotten pretty much every other Special Zelda items like the 3DS and Skyward Sword. We got lovely seats and the place was sold out! We decided to meet up with friends at Chin Chin for some yummy Chinese food for a pre-concert dinner. Then we made our way to the event at the Cobb Energy Center. The concert hall was decked out with beautiful golden tapestries with the triforce emblem. While the music played there were videos taken from the game to flow with the music. It was absolutely amazing. Afterwards we went with 2 of our friends for some Pinkberry, it was their first time and they loved it!  

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tumblr m3z6ap6ns91qaz71e 25 Anniversary Zelda Symphony Concert

Adams General Tso’s Chicken

tumblr m3z4phmB9Z1qaz71e 25 Anniversary Zelda Symphony Concert

James and Joseph at Dinner!

tumblr m3z4py5La21qaz71e 25 Anniversary Zelda Symphony Concert


tumblr m3z4q73Bf21qaz71e 25 Anniversary Zelda Symphony Concert

I broke out my camera to take food photos and everyone else was like Oh Yea Me too! More silliness!

tumblr m3z4qqn3Im1qaz71e 25 Anniversary Zelda Symphony Concert

Everyone at the table

tumblr m3z6a3Wdcd1qaz71e 25 Anniversary Zelda Symphony Concert

Bunny Ears 

tumblr m3z6agLHq01qaz71e 25 Anniversary Zelda Symphony Concert

My Pinkberry Froyo! So yummy!!!!

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