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Smokey Mountain Anniversary Trip

Smokey Mountain Anniversary Trip

For our 5 year wedding anniversary, we took a trip to Bryson NC. We got a great deal on staying at a Watershed Resort cabin. The cabin was wonderfully decorated and had a lot of fun extras! The town is adorable, although it shuts down really early. We went hiking and saw multiple waterfalls. We lucked out with the weather; it was suppose to rain the whole time but we got a break during the day. Not only is the city really cute and friendly but the police really go above and beyond. Our GPS wasn’t working and we couldn’t find the grocery store, and when I asked for directions the police instead drove us all the way to the store. Thanks to him we made it before it closed and got to cook in our cabin. I swear this trip we constantly kept getting turned around without our GPS, but we ended up finding really beautiful spots that made it worth it. We took the road to nowhere and it was absolutely gorgeous!

Protip: Download all the GPS maps on your phone before hand (no data signal), once we did that my phone worked so much better.

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Hilton Head 2015

Hilton Head 2015

This past summer, Adams parents invited us on a trip to Hilton Head Island. It was the first time Stefanie had ever visited Hilton Head. Since it was after Jasmine had passed away, we weren’t feeling 100% ourselves, but did our best to enjoy it. We ended up riding bikes on the beach, going swimming in the hotel heated pool and lots of bird watching.

We got to visit Pinckney Island and Adams parents joined us. There were so many birds in the park, I didn’t want to leave! It was apparently breeding season. Several fledglings could be seen, some still in their nests. I kept practicing taking photos and even lucked out and got some nice shots!

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I’m in Miami!

I’m in Miami!

Our latest trip was to Miami and the Bahamas. Before our cruise we decided we would stay in Miami for a few days and enjoy the city. We ended up going to South Beach and Bayside along with hanging out in the Brickell where we stayed at the most lovely Hampton Inn. Then we explored around the city and had a great time regardless of the less than perfect weather

We flew to Miami on Air Tran and after the horrible treatment we received from Delta on our return trip from our Honeymoon our expectations were pretty low. Also after all the horror stories about the TSA I was expecting it to be far far worse when we arrived. Overall it was pretty painless, I’m happy to say. I had a super sweet agent when I opted out of the nude scanners. Honestly it wasn’t bad at all and I was joking that if they would just let us lay down it would be a nice massage. I felt the staff in Atlanta was really nice and did everything possible to make it as painless as possible while following the rules. I’m still not a fan of those nude scanners but with our experience unlike others it didn’t seem like the TSA staff we got was mad that we opted out. 

We got to our flight with plenty of time before boarding and had paid a bit extra for an exit row. That flight was the smoothest flight I have ever taken, normally when I fly I need a day to recover but with that flight I was completely fine right when I got off the plane, my mom even noticed the difference when I called her on the phone letting her know we got to Fort Lauderdale safe and sound. 

We then took a private town car from the airport to the hotel. Miami drivers are crazy, we saw so many people weaving in and out of traffic I was actually surprised. Atlanta drivers got nothing on Miami. 

Once we got to the Hotel, I was expecting the standard Hampton Inn type of hotel but I was SO WRONG. The Hotel was beautiful and Oh So Purple! I was looking around and thinking that this hotel was designed just for me! Purple Orchids everywhere, beautiful crystal chandeliers. Art work everywhere, it was so perfect. I absolutely enjoyed going down to the lobby every morning and having the most delicious free breakfast of any hotel chains I ever been to .  We enjoyed the pool area and even got to chat with some really interesting people as well. 

tumblr m3ninj5DIE1qaz71e Im in Miami!

Our beautiful purple room! The bathroom was gorgeous too!

tumblr m3niwe6tNp1qaz71e Im in Miami!

Absolutely love yummy FREE hot breakfasts!

tumblr m3nixtVh7W1qaz71e Im in Miami!

The lobby was so pretty

tumblr m3niyrIDQb1qaz71e Im in Miami!

Absolutely beautiful!

tumblr m3nizsBG5X1qaz71e Im in Miami!

Tons of Purple Orchids need I say more!

tumblr m3nj05sYM41qaz71e Im in Miami!

One of the many cool pieces of art work they had around the place

tumblr m3nj71UUnv1qaz71e Im in Miami!

Glitter forever mirror!

Since our Friday afternoon flight was really good we were able to explore a bit of Miami and decided to look for some yummy food. We ended up at Diana’s Cafe in Little Havana and I ended up with the yummiest Cuban Sandwich I have had in years! I also had a Cafe con Leche that was divine and Adam had Bistec. Overall a very yummy meal, too bad we hadn’t figured out the free Metrorail and ended up walking the whole way and getting a bit lost too but it was an adventure.

tumblr m3of2xxI921qaz71e Im in Miami!

We explored a bit more in the Brickell area and instead of dinner we had Cupcakes at LA Sweets! Oh so yummy!!!!

tumblr m3opxzMqV11qaz71e Im in Miami!tumblr m3opya2Mn71qaz71e Im in Miami!

We then relaxed in the pool area and the hot tub really made my feet feel good after all that walking. We even met some interesting people from the other side of the country. 

tumblr m3nix3F7ff1qaz71e Im in Miami!

Lovely view of the roof top pool and hottup

We visited Bayside, the park around the area is absolutely beautiful even in horrible weather. They have some of the most unique stores like Art by God plus I couldn’t resist going to the Disney store! We ended up getting some unique items and then watched some performers in the evening.

tumblr m3q87jp5ZP1qaz71e Im in Miami!

Bayside Marketplace

tumblr m3q8f6Qqrr1qaz71e Im in Miami!

Stitch is so cute

tumblr m3q86woUZw1qaz71e Im in Miami!

Art by god – this stuff is for sale!

tumblr m3q8c3NSwA1qaz71e Im in Miami!

tumblr m3s3otLGSJ1qaz71e Im in Miami!

Ride the Wave

We explored South Beach and the weather decided to behave a bit while we were there. The Art Deco is so much fun and the music and food is absolutely wonderful! News Cafe had absolutely yummy desserts! We also ended up finding a GTA Vice City cosplayer too (⌒▽⌒)☆ There were so many stores that were ridiculously expensive but it was still fun to look in, unfortunately they were so anti cameras so I had to sneak photos. I honestly don’t get why since no one was even in the stores so why not have people tweet/instagram about your store? 

tumblr m3qaa5H5CJ1qaz71e Im in Miami!

Miami Beach!!!! Y U No Warm!

tumblr m3q6ux7iMG1qaz71e Im in Miami!

In Dash Miami!

tumblr m3q6wfhNh31qaz71e Im in Miami!

sparkle store

tumblr m3q88mCeGK1qaz71e Im in Miami!

GTA Vice City Tommy Vercetti cosplayer!

tumblr m3q8asRsWX1qaz71e Im in Miami!

Blueberry Cheesecake

tumblr m3q8b8GJT61qaz71e Im in Miami!

Keylime Pie

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The Adams Family Reunion

The Adams Family Reunion

Adam’s family on his mothers side was having a reunion and so we attended. We first went and ate lunch at his Grandparents house where his Grandmother showed me some of the artwork they own, including one they had commissioned. After the reunion we hung out with Rachel and had the best time Bowling at the Epicenter and eating Pizza and Wings. The next day we went to this lovely Cafe Aunt Linda and Rachel recommended and had the most amazing Red Velvet waffles!

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Kawaii Fix at MTAC

Kawaii Fix at MTAC

We made our first trip to MTAC in Downtown Nashville TN. The drive I have to admit while long was absolutely beautiful. We also ended up selling out of a lot of our characters Teru Teru Bozus and we did our best of any convention yet! We tried a new table setup and it was a complete success and thanks to the Tattoo and Horror convention sharing the same space we ended up selling out of Zombie/Pirates/Devils! We also got a table at Anime Weekend Atlanta this fall so we are looking forward to applying all the new things we learned and making AWA even more successful!

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