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Posted by on Jan 19, 2016 | 24 comments

First Hike of 2016

First Hike of 2016

Last year, our resolution was to go outdoors more. Enjoy what nature has to offer. We found out we had lots of beautiful sights to visit within 30 minutes of where we live! One we visited quite frequently was Sweetwater Creek State Park. It’s where we started our resolution in 2015, so we decided to start 2016 here as well.


  1. Omg! The scenery is beautiful. Wish to visit this place with my hub too. 🙂

    • It looks even more beautiful when everything is in bloom! They even used this park when filming the Hunger Games

  2. Gosh! love the view and worth the hike. Great resolution dear!

  3. The scenery is beautiful! Both of you are lovely couple. =D

  4. You both are lovely couple, hope you both have a great 2016 ahead!

  5. Really nice view, I don’t mind to go there and hike for few more rounds 🙂

  6. OMGOSH, IT’S EFFIN GORGEOUS! I wish they have places like this in Malaysia, it’s gonna be so awesome hiking up.

  7. Beautiful places with beautiful photos shared by you
    thank you so much
    I will share it with my bf as he love to hike so much

  8. I have not hiking more than 4 yrs and I miss those day. Malaysia also have a lot of nice place to hike.

  9. hope you can enjoy more trips this year with your loved one! 😀 stay sweet too!

  10. the photos are stunning , what a great adventure to experience with your loved ones

  11. Those are seriously some gorgeous photos! Definitely amazing to be spending the outdoors with this scenery

  12. Beautiful creek. Always loved the outdoor. There’s plenty of beautiful places to go to in Malaysia too but sadly, locals just like to leave their marks everywhere by leaving their rubbish behind.

  13. Love the scenic photography that was taken. Malaysia should seriously have trails like this – it would be great to explore and have to experience this wonderful outdoors.

    • I would love to visit Malaysia, the photos I have seen are stunning! Plus all the food looks really tasty too

  14. The place and view is simply amazing!! Never been to hiking, I know that the sun rise is the BEST!

    • One day we will wake up early enough to see the sun rise here! We do enjoy sunsets 😉

  15. That such a lovely thing to do together. Hope you have many more hikes coming up soon.

  16. this is pretty amazing that you got to hike to such a lovely place… I want to hike too, but my excuse is I have no energy.. so I really must need to exercise more.. hehehe

  17. Very beautiful scenery. No wonder you went there again. I love outdoor but am not the adventurous type.

  18. Beautiful place to go for hiking and its been ages I have not been on a hiking trip.

  19. best resolution ever. yes, nature has a lot to offer! the view is nice and hope you and hub keep on doing it.

  20. hiking is a great hobby, here’s to more hikes this year for you, it’s so great for help and not to mention, beautiful scenery to enjoy all around

  21. thank you sharing this is really very nice and amazing it is very informative article.


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