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Posted by on Mar 16, 2016 | 24 comments

First signs of Spring in Marietta Square

First signs of Spring in Marietta Square

It’s finally starting to warm up in Atlanta, and we finally have some bright blue skies! We decided to celebrate the beautiful day by enjoying Marietta Square. It seems most of Marietta felt the same way, because the Square was packed!

The first few flowers have just started blooming; it’s so refreshing to see flowers after a long, wet winter.


We enjoyed hanging out around the Square

We had such an amazing lunch at Taqueria Tsunami, a Latin-Asian fusion restaurant! Our waitress had the absolute best suggestions, because every single one of her recommendations tasted delicious. The avocado cilantro egg rolls were a delight. The tacos were so delicious, I completely forgot to take a photo of them! The dessert Empanadas tasted really good too.


  1. What a beautiful spring season upon you after the cold winter. Please share more photos of nature in your upcoming posts.

  2. A lovely place to visit. Spring is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. wiowowoowow in Malaysia no spring la all like summer’s weather… but we have beautiful flowers too like bougainvillea

  4. looks like a lovely day spent among the flowers, wouldnt mind a bouquet of them today!

  5. The flowers are so beautiful. Looking at it mades the world so beautiful.

  6. It’s Spring already! So pretty there, enjoy.

  7. beautiful spring flowers, i am waiting for the tulips in front of my house too! winter, go away already!

  8. really great photos. looking forward to see more photos from your side.

  9. Wow~ It is so beautiful~
    There is no spring in Malaysia~ But I really want to experience it at least once~

    • It’s so beautiful but imagine this. Pretty flowers everywhere and everything coming back to life after winter. Then the part no one really mentions is that EVERYTHING is covered in yellow pollen and you more likely need allergy meds during this season.

  10. Beautiful flower in the spring and the weather looks good too. Wish to try out the lunch as well.
    By the way, Nice sharing!

  11. I love your pictures! You do know how to capture a good angle 🙂

  12. Spring in Atlanta is very beautiful, full of blooms and warmth.

  13. Spring is a beautiful season and the place you features looks equally amazing.

  14. I always hope that in Malaysia there are 4 season for us to see! Because it will definitely be really cool and I can enjoy the view of each different season =D

  15. Aww the blooming flowers are so pretty! The start of spring sure is gorgeous..

  16. So beautiful.. Thanks for sharing. Hope I can experience Spring one day…

  17. Blooming flowers look so gorgeous and bring a new freshness. It is so beautiful to experience all the seasons.

  18. oh yea, spring is the nicest time i think, just started yesterday, but for us it’s always summer

  19. lovely weather, beautiful flowers, and scrumptious food. What more can we ask for 😀

  20. lovely weather, beautiful flowers, and scrumptious food. What more can we ask for 😀

  21. Marietta Square? I heard that during winter, they also have nice events like ice skating etc. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    From your photos, this place looks like a nice spot for photography works.

    • Thanks! Yes every weekend you can see couples getting engagement shots. I went with a friend this past weekend and we saw a ton of kids in Prom outfits hanging out at the Square for photos and dinner before the prom. They do a lot of events year round, I love living close by it’s a nice place to visit.

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