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Posted by on Nov 20, 2015 | 0 comments

Meet Prince Charming!

Meet Prince Charming!

After Jasmine passed away, Cinderella had a hard time dealing with it. Her depression got so bad that she almost passed away. She got sick and refused to eat much. She lost about 20% of her already tiny body mass. While she did bond with us more, we knew she needed a friend.

On July 18th we went to the Atlanta Bird Fair and fell in love with this super sweet cuddly budgie. He is absolutely adorable and way too clueless to understand when Cinderella is being too pushy (which has actually softened Cinderella’s temperament). As soon as she felt she had competition for food, she gained all the weight back and now she is constantly full. They both get along great and Charming adores Cinderella and wants to be where ever Cinderella is. He also is such an explorer and will climb in areas that Cinderella and Jasmine would have been scared to look at. He absolutely loves hanging out on stuffed animals, which all my previous birds have been terrified of. He is so sweet, clueless at times, but so sweet.

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