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Posted by on Mar 13, 2016 | 36 comments

Valentines Dinner and some Walkers!

Valentines Dinner and some Walkers!

I know this is late but better late than never! Valentines Day has always been an easy going holiday for us. We refuse to subject ourselves to the crowds and eat out! Instead, we created our own tradition where we cook spaghetti carbonara together and serve it on glittery heart shaped plates.

While enjoying dinner, we watched one of our favorite shows: The Walking Dead. The show is filmed in our area, and we have even caught them filming earlier seasons next to where we live!

I got some red roses for Stefanie along with two Amiibos of her favorite Animal Crossing characters!


  1. interesting dishes there, shaped in a heart.. you look so happy in the picture too.

    • Ever since we found these plates during our first year being married we always do this dinner

  2. woah, an amazing day spent with your beloved one. Stay sweet and lovely :3

    • Yea it was a great weekend! Thanks

  3. so nice to enjoy the valentine’s day with a simple meal at home 🙂 as long as it is with the loved one

    • It really is! No need to go crazy over that day

  4. What a wonderful Valentine’s Day shared. Do remember that you can make everyday Valentine’s Day and not let the calendar dictate so.

    • We do stuff like this all the time! The only difference is we break out the heart shape plates for Valentines 😀

  5. u have a great valentine’s day but why watching walking dead, should play some romantic film….

    • Walking Dead is PLENTY romantic! Rick with Michonne and Maggie with Glenn! We don’t normally watch romantic movies and since Valentines was on a Sunday and Walking Dead airs on Sunday, Walking Dead wins because it’s impossible to go online and not get a spoiler if you don’t watch it the same night.

  6. Valentine’s about a love one accompanied
    and I love your simple and lovely share
    It’s the way I love to spend on my Valentine’s as well

    • It makes it so less stressful too! Who needs to go out and fight the crazy crowds when you can cook together

  7. Loving the spaghetti on the heart shape plate/platter and those lovely red roses… oh how romantic… I envy you.. my husband is not such a patient or romantic person, so I don’t get all that

    • Aww I’m sure he still shows his love for you in his own way. We like to spend quality time more so than anything.

  8. Thats really sweet. Hope you had a great valentines day 😀

    • I hope you did too!

  9. such a cute plate! indeed a quality time well spent. stay sweet with your loved one.

    • Thanks it’s so fun to do this every year. Takes the stress or expectations out of the day.

  10. Wow, the romantic dinner plates and sweet roses make you both happy! Happy anniversary valentine to you both! 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I hope you had a good valentines too

  11. Awwwww! So sweet. Valentine’s Day certainly does not need big flashy celebrations.

    • Exactly, it’s nice to just have a low key day!

  12. Guess what! Everything looks so purple and red <3 Love both of this color combination it was the color of love! hehe

    • Yes! Purple is my absolute favorite color so adding purple was perfect!

  13. That’s lovely!
    Walking dead! I love walking dead too! It’s a good idea to celeb our V day with walking dead hehe.

    • Yes it’s totally a romantic show! Plus there was no way I was going to miss an episode and then have Twitter spoil it

  14. Interesting and romantic! Beautiful photos. Stay happy always!

  15. We can see love is in the air where everything connects to heart.

  16. so cute that everything is in heart shape~ wishing you both lots of romance and love forever

  17. Have to agree with u! Better late than never hehe… It is Valentine’s everyday

  18. So lovely couple. Spending more time with your love one is a wonderful thing.

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