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Posted by on May 9, 2015 | 0 comments

5 April Home Projects

5 April Home Projects

Last month, we focused on some fun projects for the home. Almost a year ago we purchased a house together and have been working on multiple decorating and gardening projects to make it a home.

1. Propagating Roses from Cuttings
The roses I got for Easter ended up showing new growth, so we decided to try and propagate them. We coated the stems in rooting hormone and planted them. The new growth looked good for about 3 weeks and then sadly took a turn for the worst. Unfortunately this test failed 🙁

2. Shade Garden We bought a shade garden. I had always seen the magazines they sent my parents and wanted to order something. With the sales they had going on, we got every plant for around a dollar. We are still in the process of filling the new extension to our front garden with the stones that match, since apparently 27 bags isn’t enough O.o

Shade Garden that needs more rocks

3. Bird Feeders We bought this beautiful bird feeder hanger when visiting Augusta and got 4 bird feeders to hang from it. 2 include feeders with seeds, 1 has nuggets for insectivorous birds like Blue Jays and also a hummingbird feeder. I have been getting so many close shots of birds thanks to these feeders, they absolutely love them. Last year, we hardly had any birds visit our yard, and now so many of them are hanging out even when they aren’t visiting the feeders. Next month I want to get a bird bath for them since it will be warming up.


4. New Hutch for the Breakfast Nook The newest big purchase we got for the house was this hutch for the breakfast nook. We also bought some Ikea baskets to store smaller cookware and other kitchen items. It really helped us with our storage issues with the kitchen. We absolutely love it!


5. Mama Bird and her Babies Not really a house project, but a pair of eastern phoebes built a nest on our front patio. Mama bird would side eye us every time we walked out the door, but eventually she got use to us. Now the babies have hatched and are four little fluff balls!


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