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Posted by on Feb 10, 2016 | 34 comments

Southern Snow Day!

Southern Snow Day!

It’s so rare that we get snow in Georgia, that when it does happen it’s a huge deal! Everyone clears out the grocery store for bread, milk and eggs because in the South, snow means FRENCH TOAST! Since we bought our home, all the snow threats have never produced much. Of course, looking at Pinterest I see lots of cute Christmas card inspirations with a snow covered house. This was going to be my chance! I had bought a “Merry Christmas” banner a year ago just for this moment. After a whole night of snow, we hardly got anything. It was super disappointing waking up and the yard wasn’t even covered, but that morning the snow started picking up. By 11, everything was mostly covered! After eating brunch we got ready to take photos in the snow. We tried 😂

Our Home covered from the ‘blizzard’

We decided to have some photo fun anyways

We put up the tripod and took a walk in the park next to our neighborhood. At this point the snow was already starting to melt, but we wanted to enjoy it while it lasted.


  1. Love the Christmas Card Photo!

    • Thank you 🙂

  2. Yeah.. what a view..!! I am sure you had an awesome time chilling out around your home. I like snow the drops of cool snow mesmurizes the weather!!

    Thanks for sharing liked it!!

    • Thanks!

  3. Loving the wintery photos! Sure is great to enjoy snow day. Malaysia is definitely too hot to have snow. Haha

    • It’s really rare we get snow. So rare that when we do or have a threat of snow the whole city shuts down! Further north they get inches of snow normally. I couldn’t live like that

  4. Hahah.u nailed the photo fun.hope u enjoyed the snow day!

    • It was a fun day to stay home. It melted by the evening though

  5. You are making every single person reading this post from Malaysia jealous! I love your mailbox. So cute.

    • Aww thanks! You guys should come visit me!!! Or better yet let me visit you guys

    • Thank you!

  6. We are experiencing the Equinox here in Malaysia and it is soooooo humid and scorching hot that sometimes we think we gonna go up in flames… seeing your pictures here make me wish I was there so I could just dive into a pile of snow… huhuhu

    • But you have sun and summer year round! It gets so dark here in the winter it’s miserable. By 5pm it’s already dark

  7. OMG snow! Wish I were there., Its so hot in Malaysia.

  8. Really feel so cool when I saw your pictures as Malaysia is so hot and warm which making me sweating most of the time.

  9. wow….. here is so so hot i hope i can visit your place and play with snow !

  10. I want to visit snow one day when I go travel! The snow looks so cool and dreamy too!

  11. Snow~!How I wish I can make my very snow man here.
    Nice photos you have there. 🙂

  12. Snow~!How I wish I can make my very snow man here.
    Nice photos you have there. 🙂

  13. Snow~! How I wish I can make my very snow man here.
    Nice photos you have there. Share more winter photos with us ya. 😉

  14. Wish we can have some snow here at Malaysia, the weather is way too hot recently >.<

  15. Nice place! I can imagine drinking hot coffee with delicious french toast during this weather.

  16. Nice post! I love the photos and snow.

  17. it would be so fun to play in the snow, here we are just hot and hotter and hottest, wonder when we’ll get some cooling weather.

  18. i love snow, even though i haven’t actually experienced it myself.. sigh.

  19. So nice…here are too hot and hope i can be at your places enjoy the cold climate.. 🙂

  20. How I wish Malaysia has snow. Then I can build my snowball. I love snow.

  21. I am in love the places with snow and anytime would like to move from beaches to mountains.

  22. Malaysia has only one season! 🙁 I never see the real snow before…

  23. I like snow but never seen in reality .Planing to visit some place where i will get this experience.

  24. Wow I love snow thankuu for sharing this i also want to come to southern area.

    Thanks man for this post.


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